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What is a Prostate?

A prostate gland is part of men’s reproductive system. The prostate’s shape and size is usually like a walnut, and as men get older, it grows bigger. It surrounds the urethra and underneath the bladder. The tube called urethra is where men ejaculate and urinate as well. Its primary task is to assist producing fluid called semen that carries sperm, which is then used during reproduction.


What Is Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer can turn up when the prostate cells begin to increase in a way that is uncontrolled and many times unmarked. This cancer frequently doesn’t grow fast, and often it may not result in any problems, but if a man has prostate cancer, there’s a chance that it can spread outside the prostate which is why it needs treatment to prevent it from causing more problems.


Why we are here

Our mission is to help you deal with the prostate cancer because it doesn’t help if we ignore such symptoms and are not willing to accept it. We would like to assist in diagnosing, finding treatments, giving advice and teaching you how to step forward and begin to fight against it. The first and most important measure is to detect prostate cancer early on so that you can plan the kinds of treatment you are willing to undergo through. In some cases, there are visible symptoms and signs which can help in detecting the disease, but it is not always true.


What we would like to show

At first, we intend to tell you that the very first and most vital step is to recognize the symptoms or tell – tale signs of the disease. The next step is for you to confirm through consulting various doctors because they’re the people who can help you combat the disease. They recommend the best possible treatments and medications as well.


One of our primary goals is to also share with you some personal stories about men who were diagnosed with the disease so that you can learn from their stories and have some inspiration. We will share with you how they struggled against prostate cancer not to mention their fears for themselves and their families. We will also tell you how these men had successfully combat the disease and managed their lifestyle after cancer.


We also wanted to invite you to share your story about how you have overcome prostate cancer or how you or your family is dealing with the disease since day 1. The tips and experiences that you’ll be able to share to us through this website can be precious to other people who are going through the same thing. Don’t hesitate to contact us and reached us so we can publish your stories.


Our strategy

We would like to give you lots of useful information through providing you valuable articles, latest scientific innovations, the newest and most efficient treatments regarding prostate cancer and also inspire you through the many stories of men who managed to survive the disease.


We wanted to help you prevent prostate cancer while you can, and we wanted to help you get through with it – that is our mission.