Popular Places From Finland

If you’re planning a trip to Popular Places From Finland, it’s worth taking some time to learn about some of the most popular tourist attractions. Some of these attractions include the Bengtskar lighthouse, the Savonlinna Cathedral, and the Oulanka National Park. By reading up on these places, you’ll be able to decide whether or not you’d like to visit them.


Porvoo is one of Finland’s most popular tourist destinations. This old town, located on the Gulf of Finland, is famous for its picturesque streets and colourful wooden houses. It is also known for its fine dining and fashion stores.

A few kilometers north of the Old Town lies a medieval fortress. It is a popular wedding venue. The best views of Old Porvoo can be found on a trip to Great Castle Hill, where you can walk along wooden bridges and through ancient moats.

Porvoo’s most famous landmark is the former home of national Finnish poet J.L. Runeberg. You can still see the house, which is now a museum, and see a sculpture garden by the artist.

If you want to enjoy a nice cup of coffee, check out the Porvoo Coffee Roastery. This roastery produces fresh roasted beans, which are then served in the cafe.

There are also many shops that specialise in handicrafts. You can also browse through the Porvoo Doll and Toy Museum.

Located in the Old Town, the Old Town Hall is a neo-classical structure that features a mansard roof and a clock tower. The city’s administrative court and constabulary were housed here in the late 18th and early 19th century.


Turku is a city in Finland on the coast of Archipelago Sea. The river Aura straddles the city. It is an excellent place to explore on a bike. Several parks are located within the city’s limits.

One of the best attractions in Turku is the Sibelius Museum. This building boasts an impressive design, including an atrium garden in the middle. Besides its dazzling design, the museum also has a very large collection of music-related materials.

Another unique attraction is the Turku Art Museum, which is housed in an Art Nouveau-style stone building. You can spend two hours exploring its halls, which feature a variety of items relating to Finnish handicrafts.

If you’re looking for a different way to enjoy the Aura River, take a cruise aboard one of the many riverboats. Some of the boats are permanently moored, and others have been converted into restaurants.

While in Turku, you can visit the Market Square, which is a restored Neoclassical landmark. It features several prominent events throughout the year. In winter, it is a popular site for Christmas markets.

Also in the market square is the Forum Marinum. This museum offers a glimpse into the history of the seafaring of Finland. There are displays of several naval vessels, including a full-rigged ship Suomen Joutsen.

Savonlinna Popular Places From Finland

Savonlinna, Finland, is a town surrounded by lakes and rivers. It is a popular destination for visitors who want to enjoy the beauty of Finnish Lakeland. The area is famous for its spectacular nature and abundant fishing opportunities. In addition, the town has an abundance of historical sites and outdoor activities.

One of the most unique features of the city is Olavinlinna Castle. This 15th century stone fortress is the northernmost medieval castle still standing in Europe. The castle has three massive round towers and a handsome interior.

A short walk from the market square, Olavinlinna is an absolute highlight of the city. Visitors can enjoy a tour of the castle or a look inside the fortress’s handsome rooms.

You can also take a boat ride around the lake. Savonlinna is a great spot for kayaking and fishing. There are many boat trips available in the area, including one that takes you along the Lintula and Uusi Valamo.

Savonlinna is a charming town that combines ancient history with contemporary culture. This small city is located on a series of islands on Lake Saimaa. Many of the old buildings are preserved, making the city one of the most beautiful in Finland.

Oulanka National Park

The Oulanka National Park, located in northern Finland, is an incredible place to visit. It is a beautiful area with pristine forests and waterfalls. There are many hiking trails that can be explored.

One of the best places to explore in Oulanka is the Myllykoski rapids. This is a popular destination all year round. You can walk to the edge of the river and watch the whitewater.

Other attractions include the Karhukierros trail. This is an 82-kilometre-long hiking trail. Throughout the trail, you will encounter a variety of different landscapes. These range from large, rushing rivers, suspension bridges, meadow barns, and beautiful waterfalls.

Another attraction is the Oulanka visitor centre. Here you can get information on all the sights and activities in the park. If you want to book a taxi, you can do so at the bus station or at the visitor centre.

Another great option is to stay in the park. The Oulanka Camping Ground is located in the villages and has cabins. It costs EUR50 a day and a cabin can sleep 4 people. Kiosks with provisions are also located at the camping ground.

If you want to hike, the most popular path is the Karhunkierros Trail. Despite being an unofficial trail, it is a popular one because it is scenic and easy to follow. In addition, you will encounter rapids and waterfalls.

Popular Places From Finland Bengtskar lighthouse

The Bengtskar lighthouse is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Finland. Built in 1906, the tower rises 52 meters above sea level. It is the tallest lighthouse in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries.

The lighthouse is located on Bengtskar Island, a rocky island in the Archipelago Sea, 25 kilometers south of Hanko. In the Continuation War, Soviet forces attempted to conquer the island. However, a nearby fortress halted the attack.

During the summer, the Bengtskar lighthouse is open for visitors. Accommodation is also available. Visitors can stay in old lighthouse keeper’s apartments, converted into hotel rooms. There are also historical exhibits in the lighthouse.

One of the most intriguing stories about the lighthouse is its history. In the early 20th century, Bengtskar skerry was the site of several shipwrecks. After the ships ran aground, a lighthouse was built.

A few years later, however, the lighthouse was abandoned. Several people worked on heavy machinery, but by 1950, some of the lighthouse staff had to be fired. As a result, the lighthouse was damaged extensively.

Fortunately, in 1992, the Turku Centre for Further Education leased the lighthouse. This led to the restoration of the building, which took three years. Today, the lighthouse is an important maritime heritage site.

Seinajoki Popular Places From Finland

Seinajoki is a town and city in Finland, which is located in the Etela-Pohjanmaa region. It has a population of 63,000 people and is a major business centre. In addition, it is a popular destination for outdoor activities. The region is also known for its Alvar Aalto architecture, which is largely inspired by Finnish nature.

Besides being a popular place for tourism, Seinajoki also offers housing for every lifestyle and stage of life. For those looking to live in a vibrant, lively city, this is a great choice. There are many hotels, which offer accommodation suited for all tastes. These include hotels, which offer low-cost capsules and 5-star luxury hotels. Guests can also find accommodations in the surrounding countryside.

Seinajoki has a rich cultural scene. Many concerts and exhibitions are held in the city, with the Seinajoki Art Hall being one of the most frequented venues. Several clubs and bars offer live music and entertainment.

During the summer, several festivals are held in the area. One of the largest is Tangomarkkinat, which draws up to 100,000 visitors each year. Another popular festival is Vauhtiajot, a music festival. Various sports events and fairs are also held throughout the year.

Popular Places From Finland Rauma

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Finland is the town of Rauma. This coastal city has many charms, and visitors can enjoy a walk around the old town, as well as several festivals.

The city is known for its traditional lace making and bobbin lace. Its Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are also several galleries and workshops, as well as a lace museum.

The city has a long maritime history. In the early 19th century, Rauma was one of the largest sailing ports in the Nordics. During that time, two competing shipyards operated in the city. Now, the shipyard is owned by STX from South Korea.

Old Rauma is full of cobblestone streets, wooden buildings, and beautiful buildings. There are a number of cafes in the inner yards of the old wooden houses, offering light-roasted drip coffee.

The city’s Maritime Museum is a great place to learn about the port’s history. It features interesting exhibitions, and a boating simulator.

A lot of the local cuisine is inspired by the city’s seafaring past. Foods such as lapskoussi, mashed potatoes with salted meat, and topseilvellinki, a raisin soup, are common.

The city has a lively nightlife. Most of the clubs and bars are located in the west side of the old town.

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